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Periodontal Disease Treatment - Dallas, TX

Protect Your Gums & Avoid Tooth Loss

While the teeth may be the stars of the show, your gum tissue is still an important part of overall oral health and wellbeing. They protect the tooth roots and provide a stable foundation for your smile – without them, it would be much easier to lose your teeth altogether! That’s why preventing gum disease is such a big priority for the Midtown Family Dentistry of Dallas team. If you’re noticing any concerning symptoms like oral bleeding or puffy gum tissue, don’t hesitate to contact us right away for periodontal disease treatment in Dallas, TX.

Older man in need of periodontal disease treatment covering his smile

Why Choose Midtown Family Dentistry of Dallas for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

Scaling & Root Planing

Patient receiving scaling and root planing treatment

When gum disease has progressed to a moderate stage, following a more diligent at-home car routine isn’t going to stop it. That’s why our team will take your cleanings a step further by removing accumulations of plaque and tartar throughout the mouth, including underneath the natural gum line. This process, also known as scaling, is handled as comfortably as possible before we start gently smoothing the tooth root surfaces to prevent further flare-ups – this second step is known as root planing.

Periodontal Maintenance

Woman receiving gum disease treatment

Once gum disease is present, your oral tissue needs to be regularly maintained to ensure that it doesn’t fall victim to further inflammation. That’s why our doctors are likely to recommend that you schedule follow-up cleanings every 3-4 months (instead of the typical biannual appointments) so that we can assess your healing gums more diligently and remove traces of harmful bacteria before they’re able to wreak havoc once more.

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