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What Should You Eat After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

May 23, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 10:56 am
A woman undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction

Before you commit to a wisdom tooth extraction, you may think the treatment won’t have lingering effects. You can get the extra molar removed and quickly move on, right? Wrong – you’ll need to follow a set diet as you heal from the procedure. You could delay your recovery and make it harder if you don’t. As for how that diet should look, let your Dallas family dentist share the details. Read on to learn the foods you should eat after a wisdom tooth extraction.


Aging & Dental Cosmetics: Can You Be Too Old for Cosmetic Dentistry?

May 9, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 7:11 am
A smiling and sporty senior woman in a park

It’s natural for people to “age out” of some activities and hobbies over the years. A middle-aged adult could give up their tendency to eat sweets, while a senior may be too frail to go jogging. Still, this process doesn’t have to keep you from a gorgeous grin. The reality is that you can never be too old for cosmetic dentistry; just let your Dallas dentist explain. So, here’s why cosmetic dental work has no age limit and some examples of its senior-friendly treatments.


A Timeline for Recovery: Healing from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

April 24, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 8:38 am
A woman holding a wisdom tooth while suffering mouth pain

If you need a wisdom tooth removed, you likely want to get treatment over with. The process is painless but not fun, so many folks prefer to receive it and be on their way. However, this procedure isn’t something you can just carelessly rush through. Healing from wisdom tooth extraction can take a while and requires careful attention. As for the specifics, let your Dallas dentist explain the matter. Here’s what to expect while recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction and some tips on speeding up your recovery.


Wisdom Teeth Woes: Why Do They Cause So Many Issues?

April 12, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 12:56 am
Patient holding their cheek because of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to emerge in the back of your mouth. While many people see them grow properly, others have a less pleasant experience where they go sideways. But why does this happen? Read on to learn more about wisdom teeth and how they can cause so many issues for your dental health.


How Can Dental Implants Make Me Look Younger?

March 21, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 6:54 pm
Lady thinks something over

While dentures and dental bridges are great ways to replace missing teeth, they don’t offer the stability or ease of care that comes with dental implants. They also cannot address the problem of bone loss in the jaw that occurs after tooth loss, which can detract from the youthful appearance of the face. Since dental implants are placed directly in the jaw, they can facilitate maximum chewing force while stimulating the surrounding bone structure. Here’s how dental implants can keep you looking young.


Can Impacted Wisdom Teeth Cause Further Health Issues?

March 13, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 6:51 pm
Man has jaw pain

The wisdom teeth typically emerge sometime in a person’s late teens or early twenties. While some people have no problem when these third molars come in, they can cause a variety of complications for many others. In particular, impacted wisdom teeth are molars that emerge incompletely from the gums, and they can be constantly painful while setting a person up for dental infections and injuries. Here are some of the problems impacted wisdom teeth can cause and what you should know about having them removed.


Risks of Getting Discounted Dental Implants

February 24, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 10:43 pm

Model of dental implant replacing lower toothDental implants are the most reliable method of treating tooth loss. However, they can be more expensive initially than other dental prosthetics, although they are the most cost-effective overall. If you’re like many people, you enjoy saving money, which means you might shop around to find the cheapest deal on dental implants, but you’ll get what you pay for. Pinching pennies can cause your investment to fail. Here’s why you should avoid discounted dental implants. 


How to Avoid Dental Implant Failure

February 20, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 3:20 am

Model of toothbrush and dental implantsDental implants are the most reliable method of treating lost teeth. They have over a 95% success rate and can last for 30 years or longer with the right aftercare. Although dental implant failure occurs in less than 5% of cases, simple mistakes can increase your risk. Here’s how to safeguard your investment from preventable complications.


Concerns Clarified: FAQs for Patients After Dental Implant Surgery

February 9, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 6:59 pm
Patient talking with dentist about dental implant surgery

Dental implants are an incredible tooth replacement technology that can change lives. However, after dental implant surgery, some patients have questions about the recovery process and what to expect. While dentists give detailed instructions about post-operative care, they may not answer your specific questions.

If you want to see some of the common concerns of dental implant patients addressed, continue reading.


Can Dental Implants Replace Healthy Teeth?

January 19, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zach Kingsberg @ 11:48 pm
Dental implant

Dental implants are considered the best form of tooth replacement because they look and work just like real teeth, but healthy real teeth are always the better option. Unfortunately, there have been some recent cases of people having healthy teeth removed and replacing them with dental implants. Some dental professionals have expressed concern over patients being recommended extractions and dental implants when treatments like veneers, fillings, bridges, or root canals could have addressed their concerns. Here’s why you shouldn’t want to replace healthy teeth with dental implants.

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