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If You Don’t Know These Dental-Implant-Related Words, You Aren’t Alone

December 29, 2023

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Dental implants are marvels of modern dentistry. The so-called “implant revolution” recently swept over the field, meaning increased research and investment in making these prostheses as effective as they can be.

While this is excellent for patients, it also means that understanding everything that dental implants have to offer can be a bit complicated as a layperson. Even understanding some of jargon you’ll hear surrounding dental implants might be a bit difficult.

If you’re interested in learning more about what this dental treatment can do for you, here are a few terms you might run into.


The post is the term for the metal rod that is surgically placed into the jaw. It’s the only part of the prosthetic that’s actually inside the jawbone, and as a result the term “dental implant” is used to refer to just this component.


This is a term used often in dentistry, referring to any component used to repair a tooth. However, in the context of dental implants, it’s the portion of the implant designed to look like a tooth. This can be a crown, bridge, or denture depending on how many teeth you’re looking to replace.


The abutment is a small piece of metal used to connect the restoration to the post. It’s usually made of the same substance as the post, i.e. titanium.


One of the reasons why titanium is used for implants of all kinds, including dental implants, is its unique ability to fuse with bone. This allows for a much stronger base of support than you’d get from other kinds of materials, even those that may ordinarily be more durable.

The process of the titanium fusing with the jaw is known as osseointegration. This process can take several months to complete, though your dental implant should be otherwise healed far sooner than that.


The biggest risk to a dental implant is infection. In some cases, gum disease can advance so far that it begins to attack the jawbone. When this happens to the jaw surrounding a dental implant, it’s referred to as peri-implantitis.

For this reason, it’s critically important that you maintain good dental hygiene once you have your dental implant if you want it to stay around for as long as possible.

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